The Old Owl Listens


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The old owl listens

her pride set aside

along with memories

of tears wiped away

The young owl’s voice

so clear beyond years

and few flights taken

speaks her mind



I Am My Mother


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I am my mother

My mother is me

I am the branch

She is the tree

She fed me her spirit

And pushed me to grow

She gave me her wisdom

And thoughts mothers know

My lovely old oak

My mother is gone

But her spirit this branch

Continues to live on

I’ll honor my mother

And keep her best words

Her spirit will guide me

As I live in this world

I am my mother

My mother is me

Now she is the branch

And I… am the tree


Cottage by the Sea


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Carmel Cottage 7-30-2012 081

Cottage by the sea

clothed in mist and salty spray

I long to go

where worries drift away

Cottage by the sea

 sandy beach and rugged rock

I need to go

no heat or heavy thoughts

Tiny clapboard fortress

My cottage by the sea

a voyage of my mind

You shelter me

Tao in the Moonlight


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By this Light I now see my way

through unpaved land

and uncharted sea

By this Light I’m thankful

for all that is

and all that will be

No questions, no worries

Unexpected gifts

fall in place

as the Tao in the Moonlight